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Published: 21st December 2017

Anti-climb paint

Security paint, anti-climb paint, anti-vandalism paint or anti-intruder paint, are all different ways of describing the non-drying paint used to help increase home security. The paint is applied to prevent individuals from gaining access to premises or property illegally by scrambling up and over walls and fences.

Residents’ often contact us to apply anti-climb paint and signage following a burglary or attempted break-in, however it is always best to be proactive when it comes to security solutions for the home.

Why is the paint a deterrent?

This security paint is similar to a thick oil based gloss however; the difference being the oil in the paint is technically non-drying, therefore remains slippery long after it is applied. Anti-climb paint has a workable life of approximately three years or so, whereby it is recommended that a fresh coat of paint is applied.

The paint remains sticky, tacky to the touch so consequently the paint and the warning signage (which we also have to install) deters would be intruders, or if they persevere the paint prevents individuals from having a firm foothold on the surface, whilst the paint leaves tell-tale sticky black non-washable markings on the individual.

Where can the paint be applied?

The security paint can be applied to most surfaces, from brick walls to fences and low roofs. Anti-climb paint can be applied in almost all weather conditions too as it is very good at adhering to a range of surfaces.

It is recommended that the paint is applied at a height of no lower than 6ft as not to put the general public in harm’s way from paint transfer. Applying the paint at this height means that individuals would have to climb or reach up above them before coming into contact with the paint.
Who to call?

If you are interested in bolstering your home security please get in touch with the SCH Better Places team. Residential or commercial customers can fill out an online form or call 0121 779 8900.