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Published: 1st September 2017

Bed bugs

Their name alone can make the average homeowners’ skin crawl.

These small (6mm when adult) brown insects were once synonymous with unsanitary living conditions. Factors’ including increases in human migration and resistance to common pesticides has seen a general resurgence in their numbers, or a difficulty in their eradication.

More a case of bad luck than bad hygiene!

Usually associated with multi-occupancy buildings, hostels and hotels. However, they can easily be introduced into the home attached to bags, clothing, furniture and other possessions.

Bed bugs come out at night and feed on the blood of a human host, causing red irritating marks or lumps to any exposed skin. Bed bugs can survive for long periods (up to a year) without feeding, tucked away in a nearby crack or crevice. Bed bugs do not spread disease but their bite can cause sleep disturbance, skin irritation and distress.

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