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Published: 20th December 2017


Having cockroaches in your home or business can be upsetting – Luckily we can help!

Like many pest creatures cockroaches are mostly nocturnal, which makes them harder to spot. They stay hidden throughout the day, coming out to feed at night where they eat a variety of foods, and man-made materials such as paper or plastic.

So how do you know if you have cockroaches?

It can be harder to spot signs of infestations compared to other pests; however householders or business owners can look out for:

• Discarded skins – Cockroaches may shed their skin nearby their hiding place
• Strange smells – Over time cockroach infestations can produce pungent odours
• Smearing – Wall-floor junctions may have smear marks from cockroaches scampering past

Types of cockroaches

Cockroaches are adaptable; some species prefer warm and humid areas, whilst others can withstand a cooler environment. There are two main species present within the UK; the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach.

Oriental cockroach
Double the length of its German counterpart the Oriental cockroach measures in at about 3cm long and is darker brown in colour. They can tolerate a damper environment in rooms below ground or within drains.

German cockroach
Smaller by half measuring in around 1.2cm German cockroaches require a warmer, more humid environment. Because of this they prefer to congregate near to the warm pipes within bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Who to call?

If you think you have a problem with cockroaches get in touch with our professional team. The SCH Better Places team has the technical knowledge and use of specialised products and equipment not available to the general public.

Residential customers in Solihull can call Solihull Council’s Connect service on 0121 704 8000 to book an appointment, commercial customers can fill out an online form or call 0121 779 8900.