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Published: 30th January 2017

A local Primary School asked me to pop in and give a brief presentation about the services SCH Better Places offer. This would allow the children to learn more about us and help them choose whether they would apply for work experience placement within our team.


So, it’s all going rather well and with my presentation nearly complete I asked the class whether they had any questions for me? I take my time and answer their questions individually when a softly spoken boy says; “so do you like killing things? I mean it just seems pretty cruel!”

I firstly explain that he raises a very good question. I describe that for me all living things should be respected and pest control isn’t about killing animals it’s about controlling pests. Another pupil in the class speaks up and says; “but what’s the difference?”

So when is a pest a pest?

For me, the difference is that ants in your garden are in their natural environment, they are a pest when they enter your home, or cause a nuisance. Similarly to mice, as pest controllers we shouldn’t just kill (wood) mice, however ‘house’ mice, are controlled because it can be hazardous to our health when they enter our environment.

Wasps too do a great job at keeping other insect numbers down but a wasp nest in your home or near to it can put you, your family or your pets in danger. It’s not that we have a blood lust to kill things, it’s that we control pests quickly and humanly to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

I guess the moral of the story is leave insects and animals alone, it’s their world too, control out of necessity not want and use a professional pest controller who can help you make that choice.