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Published: 1st March 2017

OK, so you’re reading this blog as you either believe you have, or know you have, an issue with mice in or around Solihull.

It pretty much goes without saying that if you have seen a mouse (alive or dead) in your home or business you have a problem with mice. If this is the case you need to act fast, rodents breed rapidly, so you need to get in touch with a professional pest controller as soon as you can – seeing a mouse in the day usually means you have a pretty established mouse infestation!

Residential customers should contact 0121 704 8000, whilst commercial customers can fill out an online form or call 0121 779 8900 – Easy peasy!

However, what if you aren’t sure if you have mice or not? Well if you haven’t actually seen a mouse, let’s see if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

• Are you hearing scratching noises at night?
• Are these noises under floorboards, partition walls, cellars or in lofts?
• Are there any obvious signs of nesting? Shredded paper, insulation or other light materials?
• Are there any teeth marks? – They love to chew!
• Can you smell any musty, ammonia-type smells?
• Have you seen any small (5mm) droppings on worktops, shelves or cupboards?
• Are there smear (grease) marks on skirting, floors or walls?

If you have answered yes to some of the above, chances are you do have a problem. But should you do anything out it?

Why control mice?

Mice are pretty much active all year round, so aren’t just a winter phenomenon. Seeking a warm, dry sheltered environment, these rodents enter your home or business. Mice have an uncontrollable desire to chew. Your furniture, electric cabling, insulation etc. can all be damaged due to their uncontrollable gnawing, which can lead to fires and electrocutions.

Mice can carry diseases harmful to humans too! They can contaminate surfaces in your home or business; and are known to be carriers of Salmonella and Listeria.

Why choose us?

The SCH Better Places team has the technical knowledge and use of specialised products and equipment not available to the general public. Our three part treatments start from £100.

Residential customers in Solihull can call Solihull Council’s Connect service on 0121 704 8000 to book an appointment, commercial customers can fill out an online form or call 0121 779 8900