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Published: 25th October 2017

Do you have black patches growing on your walls or furniture?

If the answer is yes to the above, the chances are those black patches are mould and if you do have mould, you have to act fast! Mould can damage your health, so it requires treating sooner rather than later – luckily we’re mould removal experts who operate in and around Solihull and Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Mould issues can occur all year round, however mould problems usually worsen throughout the winter months when the weather is colder and wetter.


Mould is a fungus that can spread rapidly where there is excess moisture is present. This may be from a leaking pipe or more likely from condensation, due to excess moisture in the home or business. Cold rooms or a lack of adequate ventilation can help mould to grow.

As previously mentioned, mould (black mould) is usually caused by condensation. Air contains water vapour; however the amount depends on the temperature of your property. The warmer the temperature, the more water can be stored in the air, however, when that warm air meets cold air, or a cold surface, the water contained in the air is released to form condensation. This condensation can cause mould growth to form on walls, nearby furniture and soft furnishings.

What can I do to stop mould growth?

Firstly you need to reduce the amount of condensation in your property. Modern properties don’t ‘breathe’ as well as older ones, additionally, any recent energy efficiency works mean that your building’s natural exposure to air has been reduced, so it is especially important to move the air around, replacing the old stale air with fresh clean air.

Day to day living; washing, cooking, or drying clothes indoors without ventilating the moisture can also help to sustain mould growth.

How do you remove mould?

We recommend mould patches smaller than 1m can be removed as part of DIY works; however, patches over this size should be treated by a professional as not to further release other mould spores into the air.

Our three stage mould treatment helps to eliminate mould in your home or business. We exclusively use water based and washable mould treatment products and paints approved under C.O.P.R.1986 by the Health and Safety Executive.

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