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Published: 6th February 2017

We are receiving large numbers of squirrel call outs, so I thought I would write a brief piece on what we know about these furry little critters.

A non-indigenous species; the grey squirrel was introduced in the late eighteen hundreds and has successfully colonised most of Britain, dramatically reducing the population of the indigenous red squirrel. Grey squirrels can transmit the ‘squirrel pox’ virus which is a primary factor in the reduction of Britain’s red squirrel population.

Grey squirrels are frequent visitors in gardens and wooded areas, they may appear to be cute and fluffy, however, these pests can steal bird eggs, bird chicks, kill young trees or enter homes and businesses causing untold damage. The chewing of woodwork, water pipes as well as the stripping of loft insulation and electric cabling are all commonly occurring issues, which can have severe consequences.

Squirrels can be controlled all year round with trapping or poisoning being preferred methods of control (although their release once caught is illegal).

The SCH Better Places teams have the technical knowledge and use of specialised products and equipment not available to the general public.

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