As we all know rabbits breed rather frequently hence the well-known adage ‘breeding like rabbits’. A rabbit can have up to 24 young each year!

Land owners have a legal responsibility to keep their land free of rabbits (and rats and mice).

Methods of control

SCH Better Places offers a variety of treatments to control rabbit populations:

• Live capture traps – can be used throughout the year, with any non-target animals caught being released unharmed.
• Kill traps – the placement of fenn traps approved for use on rabbits.
• The installation of rabbit proof fencing – which can prove to be cost prohibitive.
• Shooting.
• The use of phosphine gas (usually a last resort having explored all other options of control).

Our favoured option (looking at a hierarchy of risk) is the use of strategically placed live capture traps. The rabbits being dispatched humanely, with non-target species being released unharmed.

Get in touch

Due to the individuality of every rabbit problem, we offer a free survey in order for us to provide a tailored quotation based on the needs of the customer.

Residential customers in Solihull can call Solihull Council’s Connect service on 0121 704 8000 to book an appointment, commercial customers can fill out an online form or call 0121 779 8900.